What we humans eat affects us not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually too. Eat Love Now is about inspiring people to choose plant-based foods, as opposed to ones that come from animals. It’s better for your health, better for your conscience, better for our planet, and of course, our fellow Earthlings.

It is possible not only to thrive but to feel more invigorated and more empowered by embracing compassionate food choices. These choices can be a powerful force in making this world a kinder and more peaceful place.

I’d like to encourage people to live through their hearts, while at the same time having some fun in the kitchen! I put together these recipes to share with you, they represent the food I grew up eating in Georgia but interpreted through the lens of my conscious journey through life and my love of animals. Vegan food can be flavorful, rich, savory, sweet, creamy, wholesome, healthy, and even decadent! Enjoy!



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Who is Melissa?

I’m a 28 year old Atlanta native, living on the Northern coast of California.  I have been experimenting in the kitchen as long as I can remember, and I really love good food.  I also truly believe this world can be a better place for everyone, and that we can change the world by living through a compassionate heart.  This blog is where my two passions come together, peace and eating! What we choose to eat, the way we spend our money, and the way we raise our food will have a profound impact on the future of this planet.  While working at restaurants around the country I have learned so much about food from some really amazing people. I’d like to share some of these things with you, and I hope you enjoy these recipes I’ve lovingly created, to inspire you both in the kitchen and in the heart.